There is no need to work any harder than you have to when creating a squeeze page. There are many fantastic squeeze page templates available that will save you a lot of time…and time is money! With a template you can get your squeeze page up and running in a fraction of the time you would spend to create a squeeze page from scratch. Even if you are great at HTML coding these templates will save you the time and the stress of creating from scratch – and they look really great!

Below you will find some premium squeeze page templates and some free squeeze page templates…

Premium Squeeze Page Templates

What Are Squeeze Pages Recommends Optimize PressOptimize Press – Very user friendly WordPress theme and you don’t need any technical skills to have a fantastic looking squeeze page. ¬†The theme has many customizable options so you can make numerous unique looking squeeze pages from just one template! ¬†The themes are very professional looking and have been tested to produce excellent conversion rates. ¬†Squeeze pages is only a part of this product, you can also put together sales pages, product launch pages, membership sites, etc. – all very easy to use. ¬†It also comes with a built in Search Engine Optimization Plug-In, it’s easy to use with Google Analytics, and integrates with Google’s Free website optimizer for ‘split-testing’. Optimize Press is an amazing packaged product for anyone serious about making money online!

What Are Squeeze Pages Recommends Squeeze BossSqueeze Boss – Another WordPress plugin, while this product doesn’t have the range of ‘additional’ features that Optimize Press does, it exceeds Optimize Press on the ‘pure’ squeeze page features. ¬†Squeeze Boss is so simple to use and produces amazing quality squeeze pages – plus it has built-in split-testing capabilities. ¬†The primary difference (and completely fantastic feature for SEO!) is that it comes with a pre-configured and content-rich blog directly underneath your squeeze page. ¬†The reason this is such a great feature is because Google loves quality content, which can be a challenge to put in a squeeze page (not much room for it!) and a content-rich blog is perfect for trying to rank your squeeze page on Google!

What Are Squeeze Pages Recommends Easy Squeeze ProEasy Squeeze Pro РGreat low-cost squeeze page template, a simple solution that will have you up and running online fast! The editing interface is very easy to use Рno need for HTML, Photoshop or dreamweaver skills Рthere is one-click easy graphics editing.  The point and click editing is easy to use and you can see results instantly not to mention the quick SEO editing for meta info, page title, etc.  Plus there is a 30-day Risk Free guarantee!

What Are Squeeze Pages Recommends Premium List MagnetPremium List Magnet – This product is for your ‘pop-up’ and ‘slider’ squeeze pages and ads, you can use it with or without WordPress. ¬†This product allows you to easily add an opt-in form to your website. ¬†However, we’re not just talking about your ‘typical’ pop-up forms – there are a number of different styles, locations, timing, video, etc. options available with this product. ¬†Want your opt-in box to slide in from the right? – sure no problem! And best of all this product allows for Facebook integration! Instead of a traditional oopt-in form you can have a Facebook ‘like’ option pop-up, and the best feature is that you can insert an opt-in form directly into your facebook page(s)! – How cool is that!


What Are Squeeze Pages Recommends Premium Squeeze Page TemplatesPremium Squeeze Page Templates – This squeeze page product is in the mid-range for price but delivers a huge package of bonus products on top of the 180 different squeeze page templates! Some of the bonuses include: marketing graphics, buy buttons, video opt-in template, and a lot more. ¬†The squeeze page templates are easy to use, produce great conversions and the numerous different template looks are very ‘attractive’ and professional looking. ¬†A great non-wordpress template for where the product+ bonuses package value far exceeds the cost of the product.

Free Squeeze Page Templates

What Are Squeeze Pages Recommends Free Squeeze Page CreatorSimple Squeeze Page Generator – With this website there is a squeeze page ‘wizard’ that allows you to build free squeeze pages. ¬†You have the choice of 4 template options to choose from. ¬†If you are just getting started these basic squeeze pages are easy to put together and are a good place to start.

What Are Squeeze Pages Recommends Free WordPress PluginPremium List Magnet Lite – If you were interested in the Premium List Magnet product listed above then you will find this little freebie a no-brainer. ¬†A great free offer that you can probably find a use for on some of your websites. ¬†You get a couple of the basic templates for free – to give you a little taste of the squeeze page templates available with the full product (above) – which you will want after playing with the free ones! ūüėČ