There are three primary parts for putting together a successful squeeze page:

1. Your Squeeze Page Layout  (How It Looks)
2. Your Squeeze Page Copy  (The Written Words)
3. Your Offer  (Your Compelling Offer)

Squeeze Page Layout:
– should be easy to read and the page should ‘flow’
– keep the layout simple (don’t want distracting/overpowering graphics)
– key message and opt-in box should be above the fold

Squeeze Page Copy:
– less can often mean more
–¬†Follow the A.I.D.A. principle (see below) when writting your copy

A: Attention
I: Interest
D: Desire
A: Action

If you are promoting a product (especially and ebook or report) then it is highly recommended to include a 3D graphic image of your product on your squeeze page – if you need help putting this together then just click here for a great product that I use all the time.