A traditional squeeze page has text and an opt-in form (the form where you input your name and e-mail address).  The text will typically consist of some bold headlines and a  bulleted list, overall the text will serve to highlight key features and benefits in an attempt to compell you to enter your details into the opt-in form.

The only difference with a  video squeeze page is that the video serves the same purposes as the headline and text on a traditional squeeze page.  Over the past few years video squeeze pages have increased in popularity as more individuals have access to computers, smart phones and fast internet connnections, in addition it is now easier and inexpensive to make web-compatible videos.

You will also find traditional squeeze pages that contain a video within them but also include the traditional text as well.  Personally, I think this hybrid between the two can be particularly effective especially if youare looking to get a ranking on Google as you can link in with YouTube videos (which Google loves) and provide content with the text portion of the webpage.

The type of squeeze page used will depend on the type of information that needs to be presented and the audience you are looking to target.