A squeeze page is a website (or part of a website) where the purpose is to collect visitor information, typically a name and email address.

Ok, but what are squeeze pages used for?  When you land on a squeeze page you will most likely be presented with information on a particular subject and then provided with some kind of benefit in exchange for providing your contact details.

For example, you are on this website right now because you want to know: What are squeeze pages? So I would want to offer you some kind of free answer/solution to your question in exchange for your contact details.  Which is exactly why, if you wanted access to a free module from a course devoted to list building by utilizing squeeze pages then you would enter your name and e-mail in the form on the right-hand-side of this website.  (Go on and look there now and you will see…)  After you enter your details, at that point you would then be asked to ‘confirm’ by clicking a link within an e-mail you were just sent.  Why?  By clicking the link in the e-mail it confirms that you entered a valid e-mail address.  At this point you will be sent to our download page, where you can download a free Module 1 of the List Building Firestorm Series.  It’s that simple…so give it a try and you can see the process for yourself.

You will find some slight differences on some squeeze pages, for example you may not be asked to ‘confirm’ in an e-mail, and instead you would be sent straight to the download/offer page.  While this may seem like the easier option it is not usually the best option…if you are the website visitor you might be leery of squeeze pages that don’t require a ‘confirmation’ because they may end up sending you spam.  If you are a business it doesn’t make sense because the ‘confirm’ step ensures you are getting a valid e-mail address.

Different individuals and business will use squeeze pages for different reasons, but the primary reason is to build a potential customer list.  If someone is interested in the free offer you are giving away then it is logical that they may be interested in purchasing products that are similar.  Every time someone enters their details into your squeeze page (and ‘confirm’) their name/email is added to your ‘list’.  Now when you have a product to promote you can send an e-mail out to your ‘list’ telling them all about the offer, the goal obviously being to make sales.

Take a look around the site and hopefully you will find the answers to all your squeeze page questions!

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